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LISTEN: Oasis D'you You Know What I Mean?, 2016 edition

Over 20 years has passed since there was a shift in the music time continuum when a force called Oasis landed in our ears and changed our hearts forever. First with Definitely Maybe then...
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If you thought it was a little out of control, you were right

People are walking off cliffs , getting stuck in cemetery trees,   getting mugged  ,  crashing into cop cars and my personal favorite refusing medical attention for stab wounds...
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Fresh off of his extraordinary success jamming live with Drowning Pool on stage in Chicago 82 year old Navy vet John Hetlinger returned to Americas Got Talent to do another song.  But...
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WATCH: Eddie Vedder join Peter Gabriel & Sting on stage

Seattle got a special treat last night for the final show on the Rock Paper Scissors tour when their hometown hero Eddie Vedder joined Sting & Peter Gabriel on stage for a few songs....
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The Internet Cat Video Festival is in Dallas 8/24

Cat videos are to the internet what oxygen is to life....necessary and you cant have one without the other so take a deep breath and try not to cough up a hairball because I just vacuumed...
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WATCH: Postmodern Jukebox give Aerosmith some sensual undulating hips

Postmodern Jukebox releases a new song every Thursday . I can never fall completely asleep on Wednesdays and wake up the next day in the twilight grasp of a cold sweat gripping my phone...
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Eat That Question

  This is the story of a muffin man, a baby toe, the pope and heroic powdered toast. I wondered if anyone would actually click that link but here you are so let's dive in shall we?  ...
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WATCH: Irving PD's hilarious Pokemon Go safety video

People have gone bonkers for Pokemon Go and we have been inundated with wild stories of players walking off cliffs, getting into car accidents and getting mugged while deep in the game haze so the...
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How to survive a car crash

The key to surviving a catastrophic car crash is extra nipples? I am good to go I guess because I have three. There is a sculptor who collaborated with a trauma surgeon & a road safety...
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"If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe"

Third Man Records just posted a teaser video hinting that they will soon boldly go where no record has gone before...the final frontier. The rumor is that they will play a gold...
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