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Matt Damon told his hilarious Prince story last night

I have heard this story for years but only second hand not acted out by one of the people in it. That changed last night when Matt Damon went on Jimmy Fallon and related the hilarious anecdote of...
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WATCH: Good Charlotte - I Just Wanna Live

Good Charlotte KILLED IT at Edgefest!!! One of my all time favorite Good Charlotte songs is I Just Wanna Live . As a former professional Hamburglar ( I worked kids birthday parties in...
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Throwback Thursday for real!

I still have four of these full of NIN, Prince, and Lords Of Acid lol                      ...
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WATCH: Flea's daughter made a short film about him

Fender has just introduced a new Signature Flea Bass. It was modeled after his rare '61 Shell Pink Jazz Bass, the new Fender Flea Bass features a beautiful road-worn finish, American Vintage...
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Zero to Cap'n Crunch: Prince, Purple Rain, & a pilgrimage to Paisley Park

"From out of the darkness, before there was time there came a sound that enters the mind"  ~Prince   32 years ago on a warm evening on the 27th of July in 1984...
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SAVE THE DATE: Gilmore Girls returns 11/25

I was a big Gilmore Girls fan for the first go round but the re-boot makes me nervous. Hoping for the best in November. November 25: Miraculously, a date that absolutely no one in Stars...
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"If you wish to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe"

This weekend Third Man Records will celebrate its 7th anniversary by going where no record has gone before. The Final Frontier.   "Third Man Records will reveal our attempt...
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WATCH: Irving PD's hilarious Pokemon Go safety video

People have gone bonkers for Pokemon Go and we have been inundated with wild stories of players walking off cliffs, getting into car accidents and getting mugged while deep in the game haze so the...
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WATCH: Ryan Adams bluegrass tribute to SLAYER

Bet you never thought you'd hear Slayer and bluegrass uttered in the same breath and yet here we are...welcome to beautiful dark side where everything is possible and beautiful. Over the weekend...
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The Internet Cat Video Festival is in Dallas 8/24

Cat videos are to the internet what oxygen is to life....necessary and you cant have one without the other so take a deep breath and try not to cough up a hairball because I just vacuumed...
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