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Mountain Lion spotted in Farmers Branch.....

Heads up!  Pass it around.    And DON'T try for a selfie!  Those cats will turn you into shredded barbacoa.   ...
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Thsi crew is training for a Mission To Mars! No, a real one.

Wow. They spent the last YEAR in a simulator.    How long will they be out there? With their families all the way back here at the grocery store without them?   ...
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LOOK!An art exhibit for dogs piece is a car window with a fan. Haha.

 Oh my God, I love dogs so much.  I should say so STINKIN' much, but I don't care baout the stinkin' part. Whether or not an art exhibit for dogs is a things that makes sense, I...
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Prophets of Rage jam with Dave Grohl. Nice!

So, techincally, here we have members of Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Public Enemy, and Cypress Hill.  I mean....that's amaze. AMAZE. Prophets of Rage...
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VID: Me invading Disturbed's tour bus at Gexa a couple weeks ago and talking to Draiman.

It was 103 outside. The inside of Disturbed's tour bus was dark and cold.  But see, if I wouldnt have told how hot it was outside first, it would have sounded like they're touring in...
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Holy Shiz: New EMPIRE OF THE SUN music.

We love these guys.  Their new one, Two Vines, drops three days before Halloween.     
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YUM: You guys...SHAKE SHACK is opening a Dallas location.

The brains behind this place? Creative, witty, dont-take-life-too-seriously kinda peeps.    Shake Shack's "Concrete" shakes are famous elsewhere on the map...they mix frozen...
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Red Hate for the Chili Peppers: Who hurt you, Fox News?

Wow, have they got it out for these dudes.  Who tainted their Cheerios yesterday?    Here's more. ...
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Pearl Jam just played Wrigley Field..and Eddie wasn't havin it with this one douchey fan.

Eddie doesn't take any mess.  He's also humble, modest, kind.  But that doesn't mean he's not also very punk rock when it comes to repsecting fellow human beings.   ...
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DEEP ELLUM LIVE is coming back to life. Wait, what?

As far as KDGE history goes, it's an absolutely iconic venue.  We presented Incubus there during their "Make Yourself" tour, when they were seriously pushing for their music to be heard...
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